Psychological and psycho-educational assessments can help clarify:

Assessments for high school and college students are often the first phase of the psychotherapy process where further understanding and coping strategies can be developed.

Download Registration Forms for ages 17 and under.

Download Registration Forms for ages 18 and above.

Learning Disabilities Attention Disorders
Information Processing Problems & Disabilities IQ Testing
Academic Achievement Testing Annual Assessments for the Home Schooled
Vocational/Career/Job Interests

Directions to the office:
233 South Sharon Amity Road is a 2-story, tan-sided, rectangular building with black shutters and a steeply-pitched roof.  It is not directly on South Sharon Amity Road but but behind 231, a 1-story brick building (Urgent Care) that is directly across from The Cotswold Village Shops on SOUTH Sharon Amity Road. 233 SOUTH Sharon Amity Road shares a driveway with 309 South Sharon Amity Road and Randolph Park Apts. There is a small blue/white Alllstate sign at the top of the driveway and a larger one next to the building itself. 233 is behind the fourth building on the left from the intersection of SOUTH Sharon Amity Road with Randolph Road.
From City Center, SOUTH Sharon Amity Road is 3-4 miles south on Randolph/4th Street.
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